Digitalized and effective early detection of fires

Complete control – any time, anywhere! With MyMOBS, you have access to your mobile fire alarm system at all times. The innovative web app is clearly organized, has a user-friendly design, and offers you remote access to your MOBS. Monitor your mobile fire alarm system any time, anywhere with MyMOBS.

What is MyMOBS?

Functionalities of MyMOBS.

MyMOBS is a browser-based platform with which you can keep an eye on your fire alarm system using any internet-capable device. You will find all aspects of your fire alarm system in a clear interface so you can streamline your workflows and save time and money.


to the application

MyMOBS at a glance

  • everything in one place: from planning to the control tool
  • convenient remote monitoring
  • creation and editing of current site plans
  • access with any internet-capable device
  • integrated user administration
  • no need to make changes in local networks
  • knowledge database with current operating instructions
  • documentation about the work performed by the MOBS Supervisor
  • high level of data security


MyMOBS meets the demands of modern fire protection

MyMOBS supports the operation and monitoring of our mobile fire alarm systems in a practical and efficient manner. Both municipalities and the industrial sector are constantly faced with the task of implementing fire prevention measures as economically, quickly, and effectively as possible – and to document clearly and in compliance with legal directives on top. MOBS enables fast, easy installation and offers a comprehensive service for temporary, safe early detection of fires in one place via our MyMOBS web app. Our experts will be happy to help you select the best mobile fire alarm system for your application area.

Benefits of MyMOBS


Legal compliance

With MyMOBS, you have an up-to-date overview and can create legally watertight documentation.

Remote support

With MyMOBS, you can get actual help – even remotely – if a fault occurs.

Cost reduction

With MyMOBS, you see an active reduction in the number of inspections and therefore service hours and travel costs.

Faster installation and commissioning

Remote support actively reduces your installation and commissioning time.

Fast help 

Ensure fast help any time with MyMOBS via remote diagnosis and maintenance.

MyMOBS knowledge database

You have online access to all operating instructions in the MyMOBS knowledge database.

MyMOBS offers a high level of data security 

The multi-client capability of our system ensures allocation and strict separation of different customers’ data:


All servers are hosted in ISO-certified data centers in Germany.


Data transmission occurs exclusively over the secure, encrypted HTTPS protocol.


Passwords are saved with secure one-way encryption that makes their display as plain text impossible.


Regular updates to system components prevents exploitation of known security gaps.  


The database server is separated from the web application by a firewall.  


Files can only be downloaded with valid access. 

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