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We can give you professional support when selecting, implementing, and commissioning a mobile fire alarm system. Support is even available for service and maintenance. This makes us your expert contact partner in all phases of the project. And if time is of the essence, we have an express service for urgent deliveries and can take radio range and coverage measurements on-site.


We work with you to develop a tailor-made design and offer for a mobile fire alarm system (MOBS) based on all the most important information about the project, such as safety objectives, plans, fire protection assessments, alarm retransmission, environmental conditions, and deadlines. If necessary, we'll draw on the resources of design professionals, the fire brigade, and the building authorities. On request, we can also provide on-site consulting, either by a member of our own team or by one of our trusted MOBS partners in your area.




Based on the information you provide, we can then put together the best possible mobile fire alarm system (MOBS) for you and plan its installation and implementation. It only takes two hours at most. When selecting the detectors, we consider information about the surrounding environment to prevent false alarms from being triggered. We also pay close attention to how alarm retransmission is handled and how evacuation measures can be supported. Based on this, we create an offer for purchase or lease as well as maintenance of our systems.

Products and services

  • planning and coordination
  • project planning in accordance with DIN 14675 and DIN VDE 0833-2
  • creation of an offer for purchase/lease and system maintenance based on the projected system plan
  • site visits for inspection

Installation & commissioning

Every delivery includes a range of different installation accessories. Our mobile fire alarm systems are usually installed by us or one of our expert MOBS partners and specialist companies.


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Service & maintenance 

MOBS systems are maintained and serviced by expert staff in our technical customer service department. Work is performed either at our facility or during business hours on your own premises if you prefer. We offer five different service packages for this, from MOBS Standard to MOBS Performance.


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Following the installation of a mobile fire alarm system, we offer professional training courses about your systems. The goal is to ensure the safe and reliable functionality of the MOBS mobile fire alarm system during a two-hour training of the MOBS Supervisor named by the client.


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