MOBS fire detection technology

Reliable and flexible monitoring

With our MOBS mobile fire alarm systems, you have a reliable system for fire alarms and evacuation. This includes temporary fire protection monitoring at building sites, events, historic buildings, shipyards, warehouses, and all manner of operations in different areas. Our systems can also be used where there is no permanently installed fire protection or fire alarm system, such as during renovations, as backups, and in emergencies.

How MOBS works


The radio smoke detector (FRM) suspended near the ceiling can be equipped with numerous different fire sensors that not only comply with the standard, but are also particularly resistant to false alarms. When a fire is detected, the detectors notify the detector receiver via radio signal.

On-site alarm

The detector receiver warns people on site with a built-in siren and a flashing light. If required, additional radio sirens can be used.

Alarm retransmission

In addition to the on-site alarm, the fire brigade or a security firm might also need to be notified immediately.

MOBS offers various connection methods. We work together to find the right solution for every project: 

  • switch contacts for connecting to an existing fire alarm system with the following options: 

    • automatic dialer and voice announcement to one or more telephone subscribers  

    • automatic dialer and to an emergency call center (NSL) via VdS 2465 -S2 protocol 

  • professional mobile radio and voice announcement or text message to a patrol (analog or digital)  

  • display on the browser-based platform 

People present are immediately warned and evacuated, and fires detected can be extinguished as quickly as possible.  

Note: We do not recommend alarm retransmission via SMS because the delivery time is not guaranteed. 

Our standards: even higher!

Even though MOBS doesn’t fall under the standards for permanently installed fire alarm systems and can't be certified according to them, we build and test MOBS based on these corresponding standards. Furthermore, all MOBS components are labeled with the CE marking (CE 0682).

Standards and legal directives of mobile fire alarm systems

Mobile fire alarm systems are not regarded as construction products because they are not permanently installed in a building. They also do not constitute their own product category. System certification for mobile fire alarm systems in accordance with EN 54, DIN VDE 0833, and DIN 14675 is not possible in Germany, although it is occasionally claimed and promised that this will be. Fire alarm systems with radio transmission are considered radio products and are subject to the European Radio Equipment Directive (RED) 2014/53/EU. The requirements for radio systems are regulated by EN 300220 and EN 301489. Their objective and purpose are safe radio transmission.

Do more than meet standards and legal requirements with MOBS

The number of receivers usually assigned to one mobile receiver is 30 to 40 radio detectors, as recommended in DIN VDE 0833. This standard allows a maximum of 32 detectors per system (detector group) in Germany. With our MOBS detectors, up to 63 radio detectors can be connected. MOBS also has a very large range (1800 m open field, 70 – 300 m in a building). The system range can even be extended farther with repeaters. This makes our mobile fire alarm systems even faster to build and more secure against faults while being based on the applicable standards and legal directives.


The fire sensors used came from permanently installed fire alarm technology and correspond to the standard EN 54-5 or EN 54-7 (depending on the sensor used). Our dual optical-thermal fire alarm not only meets the standards of DIN EN 54-5 and DIN EN 54-7, but is also maximally dust- and moisture-resistant due to its two-stage optical sensor. This reduces the number of false alarms, which translates to considerably lower resulting costs!

The right sensor for every application   

Sensors Example applications
O2T: Dual optical-thermal Building sites
O: Optical Office buildings, industrial halls
TD: Thermo-differential Constant extremely high dust levels
TM: Thermo-max Example applications
OTG: Optical-thermal CO gas Personnel at risk
OTB: Optical-thermal blue Replacement for ionization detector
FGM: Combustible gas Carbonization gases, coal dumps
Linear: Light curtain detector Large halls with poor access

MOBS mobile fire alarm systems are used in the automotive industry, hospitals, schools, public buildings, and large building sites. They are thus the state of the art in mobile fire alarm systems.

Mobile fire alarm system Permanent fire alarm system
according to the Radio Equipment Directive (RED), construction products are not radio products construction products follow the Construction Products Directive (CPD) 
EN 300 220 follows the EN 54 standards EN 54, DIN VDE 0833, DIN 14675
Set up by:  
MOBS Supervisor in accordance with permissible operation per DIN 14675
What that means for you:  
A mobile FACP offers the freedom of being able to implement an economical and practical improvement in fire protection. There are specific standards that must be followed during planning and installation that are practically impossible to adhere to at building sites.



Lease or purchase

Is it more practical to lease MOBS for your project, or could it also make sense to purchase? Schedule your personal consultation to find the right mobile fire alarm system for you.



Digital fire protection: the web app for monitoring and control of your fire alarm system 



Everything you need to know about MOBS


For protection of people and buildings

The history of MOBS.

The first MOBS mobile fire alarm system was developed in just 1989 as part of a cooperative venture with an insurance company. Mobile fire alarm systems monitor places with a temporary risk of fire, for example, after hot work such as welding, grinding, or tar insulation. It monitors hospitals, historic buildings, and industrial sites to protect people and buildings. Close contact with customers, constant development of our solutions, and acquiring ever greater market shares are particularly important to our main area of business today.