Fire protection in halls & warehouse tents

Protection for goods and areas

Not every rented storage facility or temporary warehouse tent has a fire alarm and sprinkler system. Even if it's not really worthwhile fitting a permanently installed fire alarm system, you still need a fire protection system to protect the goods you have in storage. MOBS can help you handle these situations quickly, effectively, and above all, reliably. However, it is not a replacement for your permanently installed fire alarm system – it's a sensible addition to it.

Benefits of MOBS in this area of use.


Individual configuration 


Fast installation and commissioning 


Multiple checks before use


Optional express service


Product ranges for this area of use. 


Emitting alarms  










Special detectors 







How MOBS monitors the renovation of production halls for e-mobility


MOBS monitors the whole area during renovation of a production hall for e-mobility to protect the workers and property. Learn more now about the scope of this project and our case study and discover other exciting references in this area of use.

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