Fire protection during shipbuilding & in shipyards

Main risk factors: fire and smoke development

Life on the high seas is subject to special safety regulations. Even during the construction phase, fire protection during welding, repair, and maintenance work on a ship is essential. A major fire and the smoke and fumes it would produce puts the entire workforce, and the ship itself, in serious danger. MOBS can be used during a ship's construction phase until a built-in system is permanently in place on the ship, and also if this system is disabled or being maintained.

MOBS monitors for the protection of the workforce and the ship:


Hot work  

during new construction, maintenance, and renovation of ships and yachts 

Mobile evacuation units  

to identify hazards on-board and evacuate the ship 

Escaping gas

or water in the bilge

Product ranges for this area of use. 


Emitting alarms  










Special detectors 







MOBS surveille la rénovation intérieure d’un bateau


MOBS surveille les travaux pour garantir la sécurité des ouvriers du chantier naval et du bateau. Dans ce dossier, vous en apprendrez plus sur ce domaine d’activité de MOBS et découvrirez d’autres références.

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