Fire protection at events

Safety at indoor and outdoor events

No matter whether it's an open-air festival, an indoor event, or a sporting event, the venue needs a dedicated and reliable fire protection system. The large numbers of people and the frequent use of technology, pyrotechnics, and other special elements mean that particular caution is required because of the many potential sources of fire. Many events are held in enclosed or limited spaces without adequate ventilation. There are usually also no permanent fire alarm systems or suitable escape routes. With MOBS, you can detect and locate fires, report dangers identified by members of staff, and, in the worst case, evacuate visitors and staff quickly.

Benefits of MOBS in this area of use.


Individual configuration 


Multiple checks before use 


Optional express service


No elaborate wiring 


Fast installation and commissioning 


Product ranges for this area of use. 


Emitting alarms  










Special detectors 







Reference project: Successful monitoring of temporary facilities during a trade show


MOBS monitors all areas to protect visitors and employees at a trade show. Learn all about this exciting case study in this download and receive other interesting references in the application area of events.

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