We make you MOBS masters

Following the installation of a mobile fire alarm system, we offer professional training courses about your systems. The goal is to ensure that the MOBS mobile fire alarm system functions correctly and reliably to prevent user error, damage, false or incorrect alarms, and faults as well as to increase operating safety. 

Companies can also have us train their employees to become MOBS Supervisors (Qualified Person, EQ level 3, see DIN 14675). This means you will be able to carry out these simple service tasks yourself, which reduces maintenance costs.

Products and services

  • two-hour introduction for the MOBS Supervisor by a certified MOBS Trainer 
  • MOBS Supervisors receive training on ensuring safe functionality of the MOBS and preventing user error, damage, false alarms, and faults 
  • training sessions on site or at our facility, as desired 
  • record of training



Determine who the MOBS Supervisor will be before training 

If training on site: Preparation of a suitable room

Coordination for scheduling 

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