Fire protection in tunnel construction

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A fire in a tunnel works like a chimney. It continuously pulls in oxygen, and the longer the tunnel, the stronger the suction. The fire spreads very quickly, and the tunnel fills with smoke and in no time. A mobile fire alarm and evacuation system for use in tunnel construction typically consists of radio smoke detectors and MOBS mobile evacuation units. It is optimized to handle high levels of dust and moisture inside the tunnel and thus to protect the construction workers and technology as well as to comply with the project plan.

Benefits of MOBS in this area of use.


Individual configuration


Multiple checks before use 


Optional express service


Complies with all standards

for mobile fire alarm systems (EN 54-7)   


against dust and steam

Product ranges for this area of use. 


Emitting alarms  










Special detectors 







How MOBS monitors tunnel construction during expansion and new construction of the Karlsruhe/Basel rail line


MOBS monitors people and property for the expansion and new construction components of tunnel construction for the Karlsruhe/Basel rail line. This monitoring protects the workforce and helps to meet the construction completion date. Learn more about this case study here and discover other exciting references.

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