Fire protection in airports

Safety even before flight operations

It should be well known by now, especially in Germany, that fire protection is a tricky issue particularly in airport construction. A very safe construction site protects the workforce at the site above all, but it also protects equipment and buildings from damage.

MOBS monitors for the protection of passengers and systems:


Building sites

right around passengers 

Quickly changing uses

of spaces (storage, office space, Christmas markets, etc.) 


to fire protection and sprinkler systems. Airport operations must be protected 24/7/365 – there’s no time for standstills or breaks in operation. 

Hot work

performed by contractors

Product ranges for this area of use. 


Emitting alarms  










Special detectors 







Reference project: MOBS monitors a new terminal in an airport


MOBS monitors the entire area to protect the passengers and systems. Learn more about this case study now and discover more references from this MOBS area of use.

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