Fire protection in historic buildings

For protection of our cultural heritage

A modern fire protection concept is immensely important during renovation of historic buildings. Working with open flames constitutes an enormous fire hazard. This doesn't just endanger the area immediately surrounding the work area – sparks from welding, cutting, and grinding can also ignite flammable materials at a distance. Although the focus of protecting a historic building is solely to preserve the structure, a fire protection system's primary aim is to protect and rescue people. This apparent conflict between protecting historic buildings and fire protection can be resolved by installing a mobile fire alarm system.

MOBS monitors to protect the irrecoverable structure:


Hot work

during renovation of the roof structure, for instance 


where the permanent fire alarm system is down 

During miscellaneous events


Product ranges for this area of use. 


Emitting alarms  










Special detectors 







Case study: Renovation of the fire alarm system in a historical building


MOBS monitors the building site to protect an irrecoverable structure. Learn more about our exciting case study and receive information about other interesting references in this download.

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