Installation & commissioning

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Every delivery includes a range of different installation accessories. Our mobile fire alarm systems are usually installed by one of our expert employees or by a partner or electrical technician, in compliance with DIN 14675, or by an appropriately qualified specialist electrician. If you would prefer to install the system in-house, we can provide technical help and instructions for its commissioning.


Products and services

  • individually configured MOBS 
  • ready-to-use installation, including equipment such as ladders and cherry pickers



Products and services

  • support during commissioning, including equipment such as ladders and cherry pickers 
  • calculation of cost based on actual effort/cost and allowances 
  • commissioning of MOBS in accordance with manufacturer requirements, such as:  
  • provisional site plan 
  • test of alarm and alarm retransmission equipment 
  • filling out logbook 
  • training of MOBS Supervisor



Verification of non-restricted access

Provision of support staff (exempt from charge-back)

Provision of tested equipment (ladders, lift platforms, etc.)

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