MOBS supports refugees from Ukraine

MOBS monitors gymnasiums on short notice and at a low cost for Ukrainian refugees

Ukrainian refugees are taking temporary shelter in gymnasiums due to the current emergency. This means that the athletic space, which lacks wall-to-wall monitoring, has been converted into lodging. Thus, there are new fire protection requirements.

The Mobile Fire Alarm System Stuttgart (MOBS) supports the capabilities of quick detection and expedient evacuation of the temporary shelter. Furthermore, our system can also be connected quickly and easily to the fire brigade or an emergency call center (NSL) in accordance with VdS 2465-S2 protocol. Our platform supports the call center and the fire brigade in establishing temporary route cards and in maintaining continuous monitoring of the MOBS.

You too can take advantage of the benefits of MOBS:
✅ cost-effective support for refugee projects
✅ fast delivery via rush services
✅ quick and easy installation
✅ partner network all across Germany

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