Digital Art and Secure Surveillance: MOBS Ensures Fire Protection in Historic Building

The safety of historical buildings and artworks is of great importance and poses a major challenge. An innovative solution for protecting such objects is offered by the MOBS mobile fire alarm system. This blog post focuses on the successful deployment of MOBS at the Dimensions - Digital Art - since 1859 exhibition at the Pittlerwerke in Leipzig. Learn here how MOBS contributed to increased security and what advantages it offers for protecting historical buildings and artworks.

The Pittlerwerke in Leipzig is a historic building constructed in 1903. Throughout its long history, the building has undergone various uses and currently houses the Dimensions - Digital Art - since 1859 exhibition, among other things. This exhibition is a unique combination of digital art and history, attracting many visitors.

To ensure the safety of the visitors and artworks, the mobile fire alarm system MOBS was deployed. MOBS is an innovative solution for mobile fire monitoring and is perfect for use in historic buildings as it can be installed without any structural changes. MOBS meets all modern fire alarm system requirements and is equipped with the latest technologies to ensure fast and reliable alerting in case of fire.

The deployment of MOBS effectively increased the safety of the exhibition and the visitors, allowing for a short-term opening of the exhibition. The exhibition team can rely on fast and reliable surveillance thanks to MOBS. MOBS enables uncomplicated installation and flexible usage as it is mobile and can be quickly and easily deployed at different locations. Thanks to its high-quality multi-criteria sensors, the detector can also be used under difficult conditions such as a room with smoke or fog.

Overall, the deployment of MOBS mobile fire alarm system has proved to be a very successful measure. Visitors can enjoy the artworks and history in a safe environment, and the exhibition team can rely on reliable surveillance. MOBS is thus an important solution for protecting historical buildings and artworks, as well as for protecting human lives.


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